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Young’s Country Market also offers custom butchering. Call to schedule your custom butchering of beef, pork, or lamb (goat). There are several ways for you to have your meat butchered. You can also have it packaged to accommodate your family size.


On average, a 600 pound carcass (the entire cow) will produce around 450 pounds of meat.

Here are a few ideas about the kinds of cuts you can get out of your whole beef: chuck roast, rib roast, rib steak, ribeyes, back ribs, top loin, brisket, skirt steak, top sirloin, cubed steak, ground beef, stew meat, and more.

If you want more bang for your buck, you may want to opt for the strip or tenderloin steaks instead of porterhouse and T-bone. The choice is yours.

Lamb (Goat)

Lamb and goat yields are similar. For a 120 pound lamb or goat, you should expect to get approximately 56 pounds of meat.

So you would get about 13 pounds of leg, 15 pounds of loin, 5 pounds of rack, 15 pounds of chuck, and 8 pounds of shank/breast.

Remember to advise our staff of your family size, so that your meat can be packaged appropriately.


A 250 pound hog (on the hoof) is reduced to 180 pounds dressed (on the rail). So for you, that means about 144 pounds become retail cuts (cut, wrapped, bring home).

An example is: 23 pounds of fresh ham, 23 pounds of pork loin (chops), 23 pounds of fresh side bacon, 6 pounds of spareribs, 9 pounds of Boston butt, 3 pounds of pig feet, 5 pounds for the head, 23 pounds of back fat (lard), 9 pounds of miscellaneous trim, and 3 pounds of jowl (breakfast sausage).

There are many ways to customize your order. Call for more information.